Transaction Based Innovative Cluster Research Project (TBIC)

The research project is focused on developing a better model for a sustainable economy. This is a model that better understands how technology, Internet, and innovation create competitive global hubs. At present that research is testing cluster recognition and analysis based on the model. Results will be shared as a benefit the academic community and society.

Rural counties have been declining and new sources of business development are needed for future economic growth. The county has assets to capitalize on such as family environment, shipping, education, mining, lumber mill, small manufacturing and more. The county is located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan which is ideal for limiting confounding variables.

The results of the study will be incorporated into the larger theoretical work on transaction based industry global hubs. It is temporarily being named the The Theory of Transaction Based Innovative Clusters for Sustainable Economies. The shorter form being Transaction Based Innovative Clusters (TBIC). TBIC combines the Theory of the Firm, Schumpeter's and Keynes Theories with Social Networking Theory.

You may read more about (TBIC) with the link. Please keep in mind that theoretical works take significant time and effort to produce because you are charting undiscovered territory. Therefore, it is a fluid work in process that seeks to be highly validated against other theories and new research. This is not easy!! Its a work in progress and needs significant editing and gap filling. It sill has benefit for understanding the big picture. (Click Here to Read)

This project is seeks funding from multiple sources such as consulting services, grants, and crowd-sourcing. Stakeholders that are interested on supporting this research can contact me.  Dr. Murad Abel, DBA, MBA. 619-540-0501.  

Here is the link to the actual survey.  Delta County Economic Survey Link

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